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Polly Zeiger 5k Fun Run

Last Name First Name Gender Time
Moore Ignacio Male 17:22:00
Huxtable Scott Male 18:01:00
Olsen Erik Male 19:23:00
Fleming Jennifer Female 19:40:00
Zeiger Kelby Male 19:43:00
Mecom Lawson Male 20:12:00
Ermann Zachary Male 20:14:00
pospichal tate Male 20:26:00
Shadle Elliot Male 20:35:00
Cheynet Connor Male 20:36:00
Neal Christopher Male 20:39:00
Boyle Jason Male 20:42:00
Goerlich Jonathan Male 20:46:00
Penny Christopher Male 21:07:00
Semtner rob male 21:12:00
Semtner loius male 21:41:00
Langlinais Brandon Male 21:57:00
Huxtable David Male 21:58:00
Jones Brett Male 22:21:00
Perez Carlos Male 22:24:00
Grove Samuel Male 22:57:00
McDonald Dylan Male 23:00:00
Ermann Miles Male 23:09:00
Coburn Nathan. Male 23:11:00
DeLorenzo Sean Male 23:13:00
Ermann Michael Male 23:18:00
St Martin Cooper Male 23:30:00
Gonzalez Mike Male 23:32:00
Boyle Riley Male 23:34:00
Steele Vance Male 23:41:00
Lattimer Charlie Male 23:43:00
Hanowski Jack Male 24:13:00
Williams Bela Male 24:18:00
Pender Kelly Female 24:19:00
Pospichal LInda Female 24:20:00
Pease Jordan Male 24:24:00
Bass Jay Male 24:27:00
Guerrero Ignacio Male 24:35:00
Williams Kyler Male 24:36:00
Miller Austinn `Male 24:40:00
Perez Jeff Male 24:42:00
Ankrum Ryan Male 24:55:00
Richardson John Male 25:02:00
Klauer Garreth Male 25:42:00
McDonald Allie Female 25:50:00
Shadle Alden Male 25:55:00
Guerrero Aaron Male 25:59:00
Ankrum Andrew Male 26:10:00
McDaniel Jace Male 26:17:00
Jones Mia Female 26:18:00
Connors Patti Female 26:27:00
Eschenmann Wyatt Male 26:34:00
Kopp Keanan Male 26:56:00
lachenal jayme Female 27:15:00
Allen Taylor Female 27:17:00
Webster Jack Male 27:19:00
Eschenmann Ethan Male 27:38:00
Westcott Clara Female 27:40:00
McMurray Emma Female 27:41:00
Cheynet Morgan Female 27:44:00
Mitcham Ashlynn Female 27:44:00
Monaghan Kylene Female 27:45:00
Cheynet McKenzie Female 27:47:00
Leedy Katerina Female 27:49:00
Flack B.J. Male 27:55:00
Coburn Matthew Male 28:11:00
Mecom Lawson Male 28:14:00
Bryan Michael Male 28:33:00
Westcott Clara Female 28:34:00
Steele Jason Male 28:49:00
Mandell Karis Female 29:03:00
Grieco Stephen Male 29:12:00
Mandell Kylah Female 29:19:00
Buehrer Elliot Female 29:19:00
Mandell Kaibryn Female 29:23:00
Lowdermilk Kaleb Male 29:24:00
Bass Addison Male 29:34:00
Chermak Baxter Male 29:35:00
Freeman Mark Male 29:59:00
Zeiger Matthew Male 30:28:00
Howland Julia Female 30:29:00
Howland Tim Male 30:30:00
Vissani Fernando Male 30:44:00
Ankrum Amy Female 30:58:00
Grove Mateja Male 31:03:00
Cressy Meghan Female 31:21:00
Cressy Jack Male 31:30:00
Christensen Adrienne Female 31:39:00
Ferguson Margaret Female 31:41:00
Johnson Julia Female 31:42:00
Girardeau-Montaut Camille Female 31:43:00
Cressy Katey Female 31:45:00
Howland Anne Female 32:01:00
Miller Austinn `Male 32:43:00
Martin Grace Female 32:44:00
Richardson Payten Male 33:27:00
Greer Kess Male 33:46:00
Zimmerman Kurt male 34:01:00
Zimmerman Zoe Female 34:08:00
Williams Mark Male 34:13:00
Christensen Viveka Female 34:56:00
Klauer Charlie Female 34:57:00
Christensen Niels Male 34:58:00
Halkidis Carrie Female 35:09:00
Eischmenann Carter Male 35:17:00
Miller Cody Male 35:31:00
Grove Dennis Male 35:32:00
Brawley Kailyn Female 35:35:00
Miller Paige Female 35:40:00
haynes cooper Female 35:51:00
Buehrer Mike Male 35:53:00
Buehrer Judah Male 36:09:00
Wilkerson Amy Female 36:11:00
DeLorenzo Lori Female 36:26:00
Mandell Danielle Female 36:37:00
Llamas Kendal Male 37:42:00
Stewart Llamas Nicole Female 37:44:00
Coburn Mark Male 37:48:00
Ferguson Katherine Female 39:35:00
Michel Nieves Female 43:05:00
Michel Benny Male 43:08:00
Richardson Grayson Male 43:48:00
Buehrer Ruthie Female 44:13:00
Miller Keegan Male 44:14:00
Mandell Kaibryn Female 44:17:00
Miller Logan Male 48:36:00
Champine Carrie Female 48:37:00
Greer Deborah Female 48:57:00
Richardson Tanya Female 48:58:00
Connors Patti Female 48:59:00


The New River United Endowment Committee is proud to announce the kickoff of the 1st annual Polly Zeiger 5k Fun Run. 

On August 12, 2017, the morning will start with a 1 mile dash for younger runners and families @ 9am, followed by a 5k at 9:15.  The run will begin and end at the CRC Soccer Field located on Innovation Drive.  Geared towards both the avid and novice runner/walker, all proceeds will go directly into the Polly Zeiger Memorial Endowment which provides soccer scholarships to those in need.



The endowment is a collection of donations that is invested in perpetuity and is designed to provide grants to offset program costs for those that require financial help to play at NRU.  Our goal is to be able to meet 100% of this need through the interest income generated by the endowment. 

Polly Zeiger was a long-time enthusiastic supporter of NRUSA, and all three of her children played or currently play soccer for NRU. This endowment is designed to help those in need and to honor Polly’s beautiful spirit.  Polly’s legacy was her love of community and her drive to help children in need.  In her memory, the Zeiger family created the endowment to benefit children playing with NRU.

Thanks for your support, we wish everyone light and love!

The NRU Endowment Committee

Matt Zeiger (Chair)

Kevin Brenner

Billy Newcomb

Jason Pospichal


The endowment was started by the Matthew Zeiger family, in memory of Polly.  Matt has supported NRU as Vice-President, Travel Commissioner, Travel Manager and Coach.  Currently, he serves with the NRU Endowment Committee.  Polly was a long-time supporter of NRU, as all three Zeiger children have played or currently play with the club.  It was impossible to mistake Polly's unique voice on the sidelines of the matches she attended, as she urged the NRU teams to play their best.  Polly battled breast cancer for three years before ultimately losing the battle in 2011.  An educator with MCPS, Polly insisted on continued to teach through her sickness because her students were a source of joy to her.  During the last years of her life, her motto was "Light and Love" and she was an intense source of both to those that knew her.  Polly's kind and giving spirit is the inspiration for the endowment.

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