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Nutrition & Fitness

The Clean Fifteen

The best foods to help speed recovery, maintain lean body weight, and improve performance:

1. Low-fat Milk

2. Oatmeal

3. Hi-Fiber Cereals

4. Peanut Butter

5. Berries

6. Greek Yogurt

7. Trail Mix

8. Eggs

9. Brown Rice

10. Beans

11. Spinach

12. Low-fat Cottage Cheese

13. Bananas

14. Salmon

15. Almonds



The Dirty Thirty

Foods that slow recovery and increase body fat; these should be eaten sparingly or as an occasionally treat:

1. Doughnuts

2. Sugary Cereals

3. Soda

4. French fries

5. White bread

6. White rice

7. Candy

8. Ice cream

9. Pastries

10. Cake

11. Croissants

12. Sugary coffee drinks

13. Energy Drinks

14. Regular Chips

15. Pot Pies

16. Ramen Noodles

17. Fried Meats

18. Bacon

19. Salami/ Pepperoni

20. Hotdogs

21. Bloomin’ Onions

22. Nachos

23. Crispy chicken sandwiches

24. Margarine

25. Gravy

26. Caesar dressing

27. Mayonnaise

28. Cheddar Cheese

29. Alcohol

30. Ranch Dressing



Eating before you exercise!

 High in Carbohydrates, moderate in Protein, low to moderate in fat...


•Consume a carbohydrate-rich snack or meal before exercise to top off muscle stores. Liquid meal replacements may be a better choice than whole foods for some athletes.

•Include small amounts of protein in your pre-exercise meals. Protein helps build and repair muscle tissue. Adequate protein before exercise may help reduce post-exercise muscle soreness.

•Choose pre-exercise meals that are low in fat and fiber to ensure optimal digestion.


This to Think About



Mental Edge

Maximize Hydration

Familiarity of foods



Time Before Exercise

Recommended Foods & Liquids

Meal Ideas


3 to 4 hours

2/3 size normal meal and liquids

Pasta and meat sauce, salad and low-fat dressing, bread, OJ, and water

2 to 3 hours


Small meal and liquids


1⁄2 turkey sandwich, banana, sports drink, and water


1 to 2 hours


Small snack and liquids


Cereal bar, grapes, apple juice, and water


30 minutes to 1 hour


Mostly liquids


Sports drink and water








2 cups of Gatorade

1 piece of fruit

1 small fruit cup

A low-fat granola bar

1⁄2 bagel

1 small packet fruit snacks

5 Swedish Fish candy

Handful of pretzels or saltines

3 graham crackers



•Fried foods

•High-fat meats


•Spicy food


•Whole milk

•Creamy sauces, soups, & gravies

•Protein by itself (protein bars, eggs, meat, etc)

•Entrée salads

•Sugary cereals

•Cakes, pies, cookies

•Foods you have never tried before!

This page is in the works and will be updated soon, but click the link below for some information on Nutrition and Fitness.


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