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Adult League


Use this link to manage your current season.

The NRU Adult League promotes adult soccer in the New River Valley.  We are open to all adults ages, 18 and up.  

We offer 2 leagues.  One for players of all age (18 and up) that plays 11 v 11 (45-minute halves) on full-size fields in Blacksburg and one for players 40 or older that plays 8 v 8 (30-minute halves) on 50yd by 80yd fields.  For the Adult league, we offer two seasons – Fall and Spring. For the 40 and Over league, we offer one season –  Spring.   The Fall season runs September thru mid November, while the Spring season runs March to mid May.   Each season, teams play 8 regular season games. After the regular season, teams will be seeded (based on the regular season standings) for the playoffs. The regular season will run Septmber 4 -  Nov 18. Playoffs will run Nov 6-18. PRICE for 11 v 11 league is - $105 per season (does NOT include uniforms) while the price for the 40 and over league is $90 per season.
You can register in our adult leagues as either a captain forming a team, an individual playing for a specific team, or as an individual to be "drafted" by a team.  

Please note that fees only includes administrative, field, and referee costs. Adult teams are NOT provided space for practice, and are NOT given uniforms. Teams must provide their own uniforms. 

Games Schedule:
Saturday and Sunday games start after 12 pm 
Monday through Friday games start 5:30 or 6:00 pm with some starting later.

Individuals are placed on a team at the time of the captains meeting, we usually place all individuals.  If you would like to be on a team with another person, please both individuals put the others names and comment about playing together on the registration.

If you have any questions, please contact the club office at