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Adult League Information and Rules

The NRU Adult League promotes adult soccer in the New River Valley.  We are open to all adults ages, 18 and up.  

We offer 2 leagues.  One for players of all age (18 and up) that plays 11 v 11 (45-minute halves) on full-size fields in Blacksburg and one for players 40 or older that plays 8 v 8 (30-minute halves) on 50yd by 80yd fields.    

The Fall season runs September thru mid November, while the Spring season runs March to mid May.   Each season, teams play 8 regular season games and about 2 playoff games. After the regular season, teams will be seeded (based on the regular season standings) for the playoffs. The regular season will run early September   through mid November.

You can register in our adult leagues as either a captain forming a team, an individual playing for a specific team, or as an individual to be "drafted" by a team.  

Please note that fees only includes administrative, field, and referee costs. Adult teams are NOT provided space for practice, and are NOT given uniforms. Teams must provide their own uniforms. 

Individuals are placed on a team before the start of the season.  If you would like to be on a team with another person, please both individuals put the others names and comment about playing together on the registration.

If you have any questions, please contact the club office at  


The New River United (NRU) Adult League rules & regulations were established to provide competitive, safe, and enjoyable soccer for all players.


  • FIFA Laws of the Game shall apply except as amended herein.
  • Lack of knowledge of these NRU Rules will not relieve any Team Manager, Assistant Team Manager, Coach or Player of a team participating in NRU, from the responsibilities and possible penalties herein. ALL TEAMS OFFICIALS, AND PLAYERS, BY PARTICIPATING IN NRUSA PLAY, AGREE THAT THEY ARE BOUND BY THESE RULES.
  • The MDCVSA Registration Pass is for the seasonal year, September 1 to August 31 of the seasonal year.
  • Players must be 18 years of age by the start of league play.  Proof of Age may be requested by the league if there is any question about an individual being under the age of 18
  • There will be one division for the season (subject to change at Captain's meetings). 
  • Each team will have a designated Team "Head Coach"  that is known to NRU.
  • Games will be played on weeknights (as daylight allows) at the following fields: VT IM Turf, MV Turf, Kipps, CRC.
  • Games will be played 11 v 11 with two 45-minutes halves.
  • Each team is guaranteed 8 games for both seasons. Additional tournament games will be added as the schedule allows.
  • The season will be limited to 12 teams.  The first 12 teams, on a first come first serve bases.  After player registration opens you must have 8 players registered for your team to reserve you teams spot by 2 weeks after registration opens for individuals.  If your team fails to have 8 players signed up, it can be passed by another team that is able to get their required 8 players first.  Then you team will be on the waiting list.
  • The fee is $110 per season.
  • The fees for the season are for referees, field usage (during games), administration cost, and association cost.  This doesn’t include practice fields for the adult league. 
  • NRU doesn’t provide the following for adult league teams at this time: soccer balls, uniforms, or any other related training equipment.


  • FIFA Laws of the Game shall apply except as amended herein.
  • On sideline kick-ins, players are required to keep 2 yards from the player in possession of the ball.  On corner kicks and indirect or direct free kicks, players are required to keep 4 yards from the player in possession of the ball.

If you are a captain, please be sure to let your players know what team name to enter under.  Also, be sure to enter yourself in as a captain during registration.

If you have any questions, please contact the club office at 


Team "Head Coaches" are required to have a copy of their approved roster at all league games. Teams will be required to turn over a copy of their approved roster before each league game. It is recommended that more than one member of the team have a copy of the approved team roster in order to comply with this rule when the primary individual is not present. If a team does not have a copy of their approved roster at game time, they will be assessed a forfeit.

Approved rosters will be given to each Team "Head Coach" prior their team’s first game of the season.

If a team chooses to use any guest players during a game they will add the player’s name(s) and number(s) to the official roster that will be given to the Referee at said game.

Each team is allowed a maximum of 22 players on their roster.

Each team must have a minimum of 11 players on their roster to form a team.

Once rosters are approved and final you may not add or drop a player.

Player Passes:

Every player must bring photo ID to every game.

Guest Players:

  • A maximum of 4 Guest Passes are allowed to be used per game per team as long as the total roster at any given match does not exceed 15 players including guest players.
  • A Guest Player can be any registered player with a valid NRU Adult League Player  (must be registered for the respective season).
  • In order to indicate a guest player, the "Head Coach" must give the to the opposing head coach before the match.
  • Guest players may NOT be used during playoffs.


The following is the process that will be used by teams when they chose to challenge the validity of players on the opposing team.

Before a game is played, the Team Coach of one team may challenge the roster of the other team through the referee present. The Team Coach must state which players they would like the official to check. If a challenge occurs, then the approved roster will be used. The player will be required to produce their valid player pass.

The use of any ineligible or undocumented players will result in the forfeiture by the offending team of any game participated in by such players, as well as a review of said team by the Discipline Committee. Penalties will apply to any situation in which a player or Team Manager is found to have supplied NRU with fraudulent or incorrect information, or if said party refuses to provide proper documentation. Penalties may include, but are not limited to: A team fine, player suspension, Team Manager suspension, etc.

Please note that the league can suspend teams that play unregistered players.

Illegal Players

An illegal player is one that fits any one of the following descriptions

  • Is not on the official team roster
  • Has not paid the registration fee
  • Assumes the name of a player on the official team roster
  • Does not have a valid player pass
  • Is currently under suspension for another offense


The NRU Director of Operations will create the game schedule each season. The schedule will be emailed to the Team Manager and posted on the league web site ( Each Team Manager should review their schedule and note any inconsistencies to the NRU Director of Operations.


League standings will be posted on the NRU website on a weekly basis.  Teams are ranked based on their points earned throughout the season.  See below for the breakdown.

3 points for a win

1 point for a tie

0 points for a loss

A forfeited game will result in a 3-0 win for the non-forfeiting team.

At the end of round robin play teams will be ranked and put into brackets. A single or double elimination tournament will follow. The type of elimination will be determined based on the time left in the schedule due to make-up games.


Teams will be ranked based on game points. Any tiebreakers in points shall be determined using FIFA standards.


If a game begins and is terminated due to one team falling below the minimum number of 7 players required, that team will be credited with a loss rather than a forfeit. The goal count will at the time the game is called will stand for tie-breaking purposes.

If a game is terminated due to the misconduct by one (or both) team(s), or one team abandons the field, that team that team will forfeit the game. (Forfeit score 3-0) That team will have a mandatory review by the discipline committee.

If the game is terminated due to weather or other unforeseeable events, the NRUSA will reschedule the game.


Teams should be ready to check-in and play the game within 10 minutes of the scheduled game time. If a team is not ready to play by 10 minutes after the schedule start of the game, then they are considered to have forfeited and must pay a forfeit fee of $115.00 (Referee costs) immediately to the league. The team will be suspended from all future games until this fine has been paid.

The game clock will start at the scheduled start time of the game. If a team is able to begin late they will play an abbreviated first half.

Any team that forfeits two games without sufficient notice (72 hours) will be suspended from the Adult League for the remainder of the season.


The teams should visit prior to every match to determine if a game has been cancelled because of the weather or other unforeseeable events.  Field status updates will be made by 3 pm on all weekdays, 8 am on weekends.

Players/teams playing on closed fields are subject to fines and any affiliated team is subject to having their league status revoked.


If, due to weather conditions, a game is halted prior to half time, it will be replayed, allocations permitting, unless waived by the NRU Director of Operations.  A game halted at half time or later will stand as indicated by the score when the game was halted.


Tie-Breaking Procedure: Post-season games cannot end in a tie. If, at the end of regulation time, the score of a post season game is tied, the following procedure will be followed in order to decide a winner:

  • Two, 10-minute overtime periods will be played. There is no sudden death or golden goal. The two periods will be played in their entirety.
  • If the score of the game is tied at the end of overtime, the winner will be decided by 5 Penalty Kicks by each team.  If still tied then a sudden death kick-off is to follow until a winner is decided.


Teams should have 2 sets of jerseys. One set shall be a color of the Team Manager’s choosing and the other shall be white. Both set s will have a unique number assigned to each player and displayed on the shirt. The number for each player should be the same on both the colored shirt and the white shirt. If a color clash between two teams exists, it is the responsibility of the home team to change jerseys.

If a team chooses to purchase their own shirts they must also purchase guest player shirts so that everyone on the field for each team will be wearing the same shirt.


Slide tackling will not be permitted in both division of the New River United adult program.  All slide tackles will result in a direct free kick for the opposing team, and the player that committed the offense will receive a yellow card. If the player commits a second slide tackle, the respective player may be given a red card which would result in an immediate dismissal from the game. All decisions are at the discretion of the center referee. The referee crew will have a zero tolerance in this matter during all official games.

The 'No Slide Tackling' rule was implemented to minimize reckless challenges and injuries, while creating a fun, safe, and positive experience for all parties involved.


Discipline: The Team Manager assumes the responsibility regarding team leadership, maintenance of order and discipline. The NRU expects each of its Team Managers to set a positive example for their players in promoting good sportsmanship and self-control. Accordingly, Team Managers are expected to be present at every game with their team or to ensure that responsible leadership, preferably the Assistant Team Manager, is present. The Assistant Team Manager also serves as the second point of contact for the team in Team Manager’s absence. A history of disciplinary infractions by one team can be grounds for team, Team Manager, and/or player dismissal from the league. Such decisions will not be made lightly or hastily and will only be made after a careful review of the facts by a Disciplinary Panel to resolve disputes. Remember you are responsible for your team as well as your spectators.


Any player that receives five yellow cards over the course of the season will automatically be suspended for the next game.  They will also be subject to review by the NRU Adult League Discipline Committee.  This will be for any game you play in during the NRU season, guest playing or your own team.


A player receiving a red card, or two yellow cards in the same match, must leave the field premises, sight and sound immediately.  This will be for any game you play in during the NRU season, guest playing or your own team.

A player who received a red card will automatically be suspended for their team’s next game and will also be subject to review by the NRU Adult League Discipline Committee.  If you get a red card in any game, guest playing or your team, you have to sit out the next game for your team and can’t guest play until your suspension has been fulfilled.


Red and Yellow cards must be included in the game report and sent to the NRU Director of Operations after each game.  Cards will also be reported to the Adult League officials by the referee of each game.