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Futsal Rules and Regulations

Futsal Rules

We are all very excited about the upcoming futsal season, and we wanted to take this opportunity to layout the objectives with this league. The purpose of having a futsal league is to create the highest potential for every player in participation to develop. It is meant to be a fun, stress free environment, for the kids, to develop their techniques on and off the ball.

Our goal is to create fun matches that encourage the players to attempt new skills and to push themselves, without having to worry about their win loss record.  We cannot stress enough that the league is built for development, not championships.  It really needs to be seen as an organized pickup event where players, coaches, and parents get to know one another and watch players try knew things, instead of worrying about the scoreline at the end of the match.

 We are all competitive by nature, but please remember that although we want our players to push themselves to compete to win, we do not want that to be the focus of this league.

Teams are formed 2 different ways.  Teams from outside clubs join the league and play as a true team, or NRU places individuals on teams as we see fit.  We will try our best to honor any requests to play on a particular team with friends. Team placements are then sent to all members along with a schedule and each team is coached by a different NRU coach.

If you are a current NRU player (recreation, academy, or travel), we will be placing you on a team.  We will once again do our best to form the most even teams as possible; however, due to late registrations, late dropouts, player inconsistencies, etc., it is not an easy task.  

We will be taking a look at the team scores after the first 2 weeks and making necessary team adjustments if we need to.  This will take place only if teams are losing by a large amount each game.  Again, with the correct understanding of the purpose, we will once again have a very successful futsal league that all of our players can and will enjoy.

FUTSAL Youth games will be played on Saturdays, starting January 8

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the NRU office:
Please take a look at the current Futsal rules as they are different from a typical indoor soccer setting.